2018 The Year of Sustainability

We all know that being on your own is not easy, especially if you have children. But imagine for a second that your life was good. You had a decent home, you were well fed and taken care of and money wasn’t issue. Or maybe it was an issue and you were living in poverty. Maybe you came from a dysfunctional family that had a history of drugs or alcohol. What ever the situation there was one thing that you had control over. Your life. But then one day something or someone came into your life and took that control right from under you. They took away your capacity to think for yourself. They made you do things that gave you nightmares and controlled every fiber of your being. And they controlled the money.
That is just a snippet of what happens to a young woman when she is coerced into the sex trade and trafficked.
There are many ways that these young women are able to get out and find help. Law enforcement, a stranger who decided to help or getting the opportunity to just simply run away. The scenarios are endless, but some do get away and they are looking to permanently stay away. A lot of organizations offer the immediate resources to just get her off of the streets. The beds are few, the shelters are overcrowded but some how organizations manage to find A PLACE. Therapy, counseling and self care begin. These programs are good-until they end. So many women and girls are not given options after that, so they take matters in to their own hands and either go back into the streets or end up in another violent situtation whether it’s a family member, friend or ex-boyfriend.
What is sustainable about that? Nothing.
So BeaSister2aSister wants to fill in the huge blank, the gap that so many women and girls seem to be falling into. It’s simple, we offer one thing-self sustainability. That is the next piece that should come after immediate services. Of course not every survivor is ready to move on after six months or even one year. But when they’ve maxxed out of the current program, we will be there to pick it up and help them to get to where that want to be, independent and not relying on organizational support that leaves them with their hand out all the time practically begging for assistance. Organizations can only give so much before they’re left financially dry.
We advocate for survivors to be independent not interdependent, to have freedom of choice and make their own decisions. Self sustainability should be the next step to taking back control over a life that was controlled. BeaSister2aSister believes that EVERY survivor has the capacity to live independently without handouts and programs that will fail them. Being on your own because your just starting your life vs being on your own because of a circumstance out of your control is very different and much more difficult. We want to be the relief, the fresh air, the cup of cold water when the heat is too much.
This year is just about over and 2018 is on the other side of the door knocking. Soon New Years Eve resolutions will be made, some broken, some will actually be met. I want to ask you to make an early New Years Eve resolution and give to survivor self sustainability, give to independence and freedom. Let’s all move into 2018 together as sisters as a family who supports one another. Please consider a monthly gift of $25, $50 or $100. Your gift is tax deductible and it will make a great Christmas gift for a young woman.
To give please vist: http://www.beasister2asister.org click on give today and donate.
BeaSister2aSister wishes you and your family a wonderful holiday filled with love and joy.
Happy Holidays!
Samantha Inesta
Founder/Executive Director

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