About Us

Our Purpose: To help women regain independence and become self-sustaining, by offering support to survivors, bringing unity between women of different cultures, and building a sisterhood

Our Vision: To eradicate slavery and give women  true freedom to live without fear!

Our Motto: Being accountable for every sister around the globe!


Meet our Leaders:

Samantha Inesta – Founder and Executive Director

Samantha attended CUNY where she studied Political Science, and went on to pursue further education from NYU in Global Affairs. She has worked previously in the finance industry, before she combined her burden, her passion, and her occupation; and joined the Human Rights field. Prior to starting her organization she worked for various non profits in their Human Trafficking and International Affairs department.With the combination of her education, professional experience, and a burden that drives her; Samantha is ready to be a sister to every woman she meets.

Board Members:

Bill Carson

Carmen Paredes

Katie Carson

Melanie Paccillo


Annual Budget

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