Addiction in Women Comes With a High Price

Despite this administration’s talk about drugs coming in from Mexico or wherever and we need to stop immigration in order stop the drugs, is really a fairy tale. Drugs have been in the United States for many decades-even at the approval of the government. From the years 1967-1975, the US government allowed a steady stream of crack cocaine to enter into neighborhoods in Harlem with the thought that it would stop African Americans from demanding their rights while disabling the Black Panther Movement. Young people got addicted and died on a daily basis. Dealers were put out on the streets, arrested for a few hours, then released to continue the onslaught that took so many lives during that time. Crack houses became a normal scene in Harlem along with ambulances taking the bodies of young black girls and boys overdosing and hanging on by a thread.

Crack is no longer the “popular” way to get high. There are many more mind erasers, destroyers and psychotic drugs out there that can do so much more damage. More and more people are addicted and the number is growing. But one thing that doesn’t get looked at much is how most people get addicted. Men and women experience a different journey into their addiction. Men may start using drugs because of stress at work or home, gang activity or they grew up around that culture but mostly they are not usually subjected to what women are when they get become addicted. Women most often become addicted because of a circumstance or a situation that has put them in a place of desperation or bondage. When treating women with addiction whether it is a social service or some sort of shelter program we must take into account her mental and behavioral state.
This is so important because if you miss it, it can have dire consequences.

Women addicted to drugs, whatever they may be, usually have a life altering story attached to it. Rape, sex trafficking, domestic violence, exploitation and abuse. All of these thing are tied to drug addiction and if they are not dealt with, the addiction will not be broken. I have seen many women who go into drug rehab facilities and never come out because the violence they encountered has rendered them mentally incapable to function in society therefore they must stay committed. I met one women in Tecate Mexico who was picked up on the streets of LA and brought over the boarder for treatment (she is white and American) and has been there for several years. Her mental state is totally gone, she was raped and her children taken from her from which she may never meet or know who they are. Women have to learn have to survive more than men so being forced into the streets will give them the instincts of “do anything” in order to get in or out of a situation.

For them it’s not just about drug addiction, it’s about violence, social stigma, ostracized by their families and taken from their children. All these factors contribute to being high level bi polar, Schizophrenia and a whole host of mental issues. We cannot treat every addiction the same nor can we compare the opposite sex because in many cases it’s just that, opposite.

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