All The Traffickers Live @ Pornhub

Samantha Inesta
Human Rights Fellow

Every time a woman or young girl gets raped assaulted or even murdered it is always videoed and uploaded-not for evidence, for porn. In recent months there have been a huge spike in raping and assaulting women and teens that has been shown on the biggest porn website out there, Pornhub. Founders of the site claim they never know the age of the girl and it’s all consensual, we know this to be a blatant lie. Just about everything that happens in porn is never given consent by the female on the receiving end of this type of inhumane cruelty. The titles for these videos alone suggest a thorough hatred for women and girls of any age in any situation and more often then not, they are pleading with their rapist to stop because of the pain. This my friends is what Keishi Kameyama, founder of Pornhub, wants you to believe is how women want to be treated. He has started a multi-million dollar business on the raping, sodomizing and torture of women and girls.

The reality is, Pornhub already knows the videos uploaded onto their site are footage of actual rape but because they seem to have a don’t ask don’t tell policy, they very quickly look the other way. As far as the videos of young girls being bound and electrocuted in their private areas for men’s sick pleasure, is something Keishi and his predator friends will say they had no idea how old she was. Here’s the thing about that. It really doesn’t matter if she’s 14 or 45, the psychosis of a man wanting to do this to any female for any reason is beyond disturbing and should be criminalized as in why are these men walking the streets?! Anything done to women anywhere in the world ends up on this site, it is the head of the octopus, the destroyer of lives, marriages, love and relationships. There is such a deception that is put over these salacious acts to make the men watching it truly believe it’s consensual, and she wants to have these things done to her. Bottom line is Pornhub is profiting off of these illegal videos at the expense of women who were forced into this situation. That is one of the purest forms of trafficking, even by the UN definition. The toxic masculinity that surrounds this industry is deafening as they lobby for more violent porn. These men are in every area of business right down to the government that runs this country. The same men that refuse to sign legislation to help victims of sex trafficking. The arms of this octopus are more than eight, they are hundreds and they’re coming after your daughter, your sister, your niece and they don’t relent.

In recent weeks Laila Mikelwait, Director of Abolition at Exodus Cry, set up a petition to shut down Pornhub and got a surprisingly overwhelming response. Thousands of people signed on to have the site shut down referring to violence against women, porn kills love and the industry supports trafficking. It is good to see that people are finally waking up to the destruction of porn on love and relationships as well as women in general. What’s even a little more comforting is seeing men come out and speak against the evils of porn and the harmful effects it had on their personal lives. This is a public health crisis that has morphed into a human rights crisis for both women and men. For women, it the actual act of cruelty and rape done to them, for men it’s the re-wiring of their brain to hate love and love hurting women which in turn will give them a future of emotional and mental pain. We as a society have the power to take back what it means to truly be in love, have a relationship, start a family, have a future. We cannot let the industry’s poisonous dream of sexually imprisoning and exploiting women and girls for profit be the norm on how they are treated in society. But this didn’t start with Pornhub, this was a long history that built it’s foundation in Los Angeles California and has spread like a cancer in every home, computer website and digital apps all over the world growing into a full blown Kraken that we see today.

There is nothing “harmless”about watching porn. If you’re a male watching it and can’t stop, seek help, if your watching and engaging in sexual criminal behavior while uploading videos that hurt, mutilate or scar women, we will make sure the FBI pays you a visit.

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