And The Battle Rages On

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The year 2017 is coming to an end with so much insidiousness, debauchary and international illegalities. One gets whiplash just trying to keep up. As the old Bob Dillion song  goes “Times, they are a’changin”, and they have really changed alright. Women from everywhere have stepped out of the confinement that men put them in and are ready to change the times even further. The power struggle of the Trump administration and women both with their hands gripped on the time clock, one pushing it backwards and the other straining to push it forward. This battle has always existed, but now women are smarter, more clever and modern in the uses of technology and social media.  When a man steps out of his home his day is most likely filled with meetings, senseless on the job banter, making it look like they’re doing something then maybe a drink with the guys after work. When a woman steps out, she’s stepping out into a warzone and thus must be prepared to fight. Everyday.
A lot of women lately have traded in their business suits, uniforms or everyday clothing for fatigues. Figuratively speaking. It seems like the most simplest of tasks cannot be accomplished without lewd remarks, unwanted advances, or just plain staring. And that’s just on the job. Let’s talk about the streets, shall we? During the ’90’s walking down around Wall Street, even if you didn’t work there but was just passing through, you could not get by without a barrage of the most disgusting, lascivious, dehumanizing comments from men in 3-piece suits. And married-with children. This was true of almost all Downtown Manhattan that was connected to Wall Street. After 9/11, things came to a stand still and basically shut down the downtown area. Now it’s mostly a haven for tourists and people who want to shop in the trendy establishments that replaced the Mom and Pop businesses. But don’t worry, Wall street is still in tact!
The foul mouthed unkempt construction worker who thinks he can say and do anything he wants because apparently he is the keeper of the concrete you walk on. Even if it means blocking your walkway just so he can say something pornorgraphic right to you face so he can see your expression. Also married with children-see the theme happening? Ladies, why do you marry these men? You deserve so much better! You do.
But I will say this. Ever since women have been coming forward, whether it’s the sexual harrassment in Hollywood or the everyday onslaught that women face, there is something different in the air. There is, from what I have witnessed, men just keeping their mouth’s shut. Letting a woman walk by them without so much as a glance. Giving her the freedom to exist and go about her day and letting her keep that good mood she’s in instead of trying to destroy her spirit. I’m not sure if it’s actual respect or fear of being called out publicly. Whatever it is, we’ll take it for now.
We seem to be making headway in the battle but we still have a long way before we win the war. Until then the camouflage remains as we battle for our freedom in this lovely “Democratic” society of ours. The only thing to say now is, let’s go ladies back to the front!
Samantha Inesta
Founder/Executive Director

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