As We Say Goodbye To 2019, We Ring In a Brand New Decade

Samantha Inesta
Human Rights Fellow

As we close one decade we open a door to a new one filled with renewed hopes, dreams and promises. These past few years have been shown to be the most turbulent with the Trump presidency of 2016 that opened doors of racism, misogyny and violence. 2017 saw the first Women’s March to counteract the new administration that saw women as something that should be controlled and have decisions made for with no regard for a female opinion. The #MeT00, and #churchtoo movements grew calling out sexual predators in every sector, public demonstrations calling on men to stop raping women became commonplace on social media. Uprisings and protests littered the landscapes of most of the global world birthing growing pains for a new democracy.

Just in this year alone we have seen a much needed massive attack against the porn industry that has taken masculinity, relationships, marriages and lives away creating a public health crisis. Sex workers vs. trafficking survivors opened up the doors for a bill that will fully decriminalize prostitution giving the pimps and sex buyers full control while increasing victims and dis-empowering women who say it’s “work”. We are definitely on the cusp of the biggest paradigm shift this country has ever seen. The old order of subjugation, oppression and submissiveness has left the building. What we are seeing know is a rage that some might say is long overdue. Feminism is still being attacked as a man-hating ideology and not a movement of women’s human rights. There is still a lot to be done but we are making progress, more men are starting to speak out about the life altering problems of porn and the toxic masculinity it creates. Hopefully soon we will see the head of the octopus explode and people will see with new eyes and realize the destruction they inflicted on women and society by normalizing porn.

As hard as these issues can be to blog as well as work with women who have survived it, I am happy to be part of the conversation that will somehow lead to the solution for women and girls everywhere. This is truly a global issue and effects all facets of life, economy (personal & global), and social constructs. When you speak about war and conflict, there is trafficking, when you talk espionage or politics whether on the world stage or locally there is always rape, pedophilia and sometimes pornography. It is in the very fiber of every society around the world, this cannot be pushed aside as a “women’s issue”, it’s an every man, woman and child issue. There’s no more pushing it aside we must face it and do everything we can to change it as a civilization.

Social media has proven to be the main medium to fight these issues but not without push back and nasty attacks from cowards behind a screen most likely in a dark room. Even though I connect with those who are like minded, there’s always room for attacks. Journalism has always been a desire of mine and so I connect with journalists who have an international mindset, love what they do and it shows and always bring truth to power. I learn a lot from them and it has made me better at what I do, at least I think so anyway. And although I don’t know any of them personally I am grateful for who they are and how they show professionalism in the face of opposition. I write these blogs to not only draw attention to the issue of human trafficking but to show how it is connected to all that the world is going through in one form of another. It’s not a new concept, it’s an old issue that is just now getting the attention it deserves.

To those of you who have read my blog and liked what you read, thank you for taking the time it’s very much appreciated. I may not be the most popular kid in the neighborhood but that’s not what I’m striving for. I’m glad to have a seat at the table and express my views on humanitarian issues that are killing this world. My hope for this new decade of 2020 it that real change comes, women and girls lives are restored to their rightful place and every society learns to care for them instead of making them collateral damage. I hope that humanitarian crisis decrease and no more children are caged up with parents sick wondering where they are. I hope that dignity is given to the poor and marginalized and they are lifted up with everyone else. And most of all, I hope that violence against women, rape, sexual assault, trafficking and porn become illegal and a thing of the past. Let’s all hope together and bring in 2020 with sense of purpose and change.

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