Babylon Has Fallen

Samantha Inesta Human Rights Fellow/Founder/Executive Director BeaSister2aSister

This week has stunned, shocked and sickened so many of us. The disbelief that we have come to a state of complete anarchy, lawlessness and no fear of repercussions is straight out of the fascist regime handbook. Five people died. More and more images and videos being put up on social media by the minute show every nightmare scenario that we could’ve possibly imagined being played out right before our eyes. This is America. Friday night’s news media’s forecast put people over the edge when a graphic video was newly released to CNN of a Capitol police officer being crushed to death by a mob that was willing murder for a man who cares nothing for them. This officer was screaming in agony as blood started pouring from his mouth only to have one of the terrorists closest to him close the shield of his helmet as if to hide the crime scene.

What’s happened to this country? It’s years of white rage at the system they claim has taken away their freedoms as white people. These are people that still subscribe to the narrative that white is supreme and everyone else is a slave, they are the victims here. Now, I don’t normally write so much about other issues outside of trafficking and domestic violence but this is a human rights crisis that affects women and young women and I will explain. Every organized criminal organization whether they are terrorists, mafia (same thing as terrorists) or even cults, women play a central role. There is this perception that if you put a woman on the front lines people are less likely to take her seriously mostly because women aren’t usually the aggressors, we’re the nurturers. And as always women are the victims however, that may not be true in this scenario. Most of what we are witnessing is something that has been stirring inside of some people for years and they were just waiting for an outlet that will let them be who they really are-enter in President Trump. He opened up the door of freedom to be racist, misogynist and violent with no consequences whatsoever. That includes women and young women. Trumps way of speaking and posturing helped some women to see that it’s okay to be who you are even if it hurts others and if it does, that’s their problem they need to get over it. His words made them feel empowered, superior and right in their thinking as well as their mental instability. Never before have we seen so many white women who social media has dubbed “Karens” come out and attack African Americans and other people of color for simply walking in the park. It is only after they get exposed do they claim mental illness.

These women only after they have committed a crime scream victimization, but is it really? A victim is someone who was forced into a situation against their will not knowing the outcome and being blamed for it. This is not the case. These women and young women knew exactly what the plan was and still decided to go through with it because they were promised their place back on the food chain of white privilege. They knew the stakes, they made the decision not based on a consequence in their lives but from a deep rooted belief that they deserve better than all other women who are not of white, Waspy, Anglo, Nordic or Germanic descent. Their victim hood falls flat while Trump and his Republican followers cry crocodile tears in response. Their Stockholm Syndrome has come to an end and their journey of abandonment has just begun. These women just as many others, do unscrupulous acts just to please men, and the men are never pleased. But they will still seek their attention.

As the domestic terrorists continue to get rounded up and indicted these women will still pledge their allegiance to a man that is willing to let them rot in jail, as well as their male counterparts, while he continues to rage against states and the voting system as to how he was cheated and the election was stolen from him. These women are already in his rear view mirror. They fought for him, they were brazen enough to let their image be captured on camera and video, but somehow none of it was good enough, it will never be good enough because as much as Trump told them he loved them it will be proved a lie when they reach out for him and he’s gone. This is the problem when you worship man and count on his power to save you.

Over the coming days I’m sure there will be more disturbing and graphic content that has yet to be seen but we can only hope that this is the rock bottom we need to once again rebuild. Threats of more violence remind us there is more to come but after being ravaged by this outgoing president, the pandemic and the recent insurrection at the capitol, what more could be done? Babylon has already fallen, now let’s rebuild to be better. There may have been women who were part of violent attacks that killed and committed unspeakable acts of violence but there are many more that are ready to heal, move forward and get to the issues at hand and right now they are doing just that.

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