Dis-Unity vs. Unity

We hear similar stories all over the world about how women and young girls are being lured into the sex-trafficking industry. But the reasons and the consequences are the same. Better life, feeding their family, wanting to start a new life and have a family of their own, etc. Then the consequences kick in, rapes, beatings, torture, no money, STDs, fear & coercion, and the list goes on. But one thing that stands out in these other countries whether it’s Eastern Europe or Ethiopia, there is always women out in the streets fighting for their sisters! Continue reading

S.O.B’s “Sexually Oriented Businesses”

S.O.B’s that is a fitting acronym for operations that degrade humanity. Sexually Oriented Businesses supply the commercial sex industry with bodies of women used for sex to satisfy the salacious and perverse demands of customers who pay for sex. These, of course, are women who are not giving their bodies willingly. I would like to enlighten you a little bit on the issue of these SOB’s.

The Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking, a subsidiary of The Salvation Army, shows us what these SOBs are comprised of and how they work. This is what they had to say: Continue reading

A Woman Does Not Decide To Be A Prostitute

There is this misconception that women and girls want to be prostitutes. The “Oldest Profession in the World”. No one stops to think about the reasons why. But there is one thing for sure, no woman or young girl wakes up one day and decides she wants a career of prostitution where she will have sex with strange men who will beat her, torture her and ultimately dehumanize her. Continue reading