Where Do Women Fit in With The New World Order?

“We are living in extraordinary times.” That’s the consensus most people have come to when watching the whiplash actions of the current administration and it’s policies. Then there are those who are shall we say complacent, oblivious and living in their own bubble so they don’t have to care or wonder what fate holds for them. And then there’s the “What are you talking about? Everything is fine” group who thinks things are running smoothly and right on track.  They prefer to adapt the Alfred E. Newman strategy “What? Me worry?” All of this is can just make you want to find an island somewhere and start all over. Times have definitely changed but not for the better. Immigration has gotten so out of control that people are adopting a WWII style of hiding immigrants in their homes the way sympathetic Germans hid Jews from the Nazis, only this time it’s ICE. ...read more...

The Holy Land of War & Peace


The divisions between Israel and Palestine are very real and badly intentioned. It seeks to keep out a people who supposedly have no rights to land that are for “God’s chosen people”, this in itself is a human rights problem because Palestinians are banned from from entering certain parts of the country while Jewish settlements are being built around them. Those that climb over the wall really do pay with their life with little to no threat to the Israelis. ...read more...

Children, Jesus & Jeff Sessions

These are dark days for a country that has professed themselves as a “Shinning City on a Hill”. Over the past few weeks all of social media has been flooded with images of children being locked up in what looks like to be glorified dog cages as if they are dangerous wild animals ready to strike any innocent passer by who dare look in their direction. When has it become a policy to demonize children to get a clear immigration laws passed?...read more...



Journalism is a noble profession, men and women seeking the truth from politics, to the economy to  world affairs and human rights. A good journalist will see the inequity in any situation and call out wrong doing and criminal activity within governments and societies. Which is why this is so upsetting. On June 11, 2018 the New York Times reported that Craigslist founder Craig Newmark has donated $20 million to CUNY Graduate Journalism School while having it renamed to “Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York”. This is a huge contradiction compared to the backlash that Craigslist has incurred over the years regarding proven accusations of online sex trafficking ads that included a forum for sex buyers to rate and humiliation women and young girls....read more...

Practical Ways To Help Survivors

The suffering of women and girls worldwide is not a situation they chose, life just gave it to them whether they wanted it or not. As many survivors have told me, no girl wakes up one day and says, I want to be a prostitute, a porn star, trafficked, raped, assaulted or molested. But in this world it happens, whatever the circumstance. They started out with the same hopes and desires that we all have it just didn’t end the same way.

Woman and girls all over the world basically have the same wants and needs when it comes to how they see their future. Many want to go to school, get a degree and a job they love. Some want to be married, have a family and live a good life, others want to travel and do something for humanity. What ever it is it’s something that most of us want. But what happens when those dreams become derailed or never even materialize? For a period in their life they’ve had to depend on someone who was abusing them or worse, just for food and shelter at the expense of their life and life expectancy.

The unfortunate reality that remains is that not all women and girls survive, but there are a lot that do. They need support that goes beyond frontline crisis resources. Like all of us, we need a kickstart someone who will support and see us through until we can stand on our own. They want and need self sustainability, not to depend on anyone to live.  Now it’s time for them reclaim there independence and freedom in a way that says I’ve survived, overcame and now I am truly free.

So what do they want, need, hope for? Here are some practical ways you can help them go from survivor to overcomer to truly free.

  1. The best way is to be a continuous donor of $25, $50 or $100 monthly. This will help us to provide access to transportation, culinary and leadership programs and job training. It will also help us to continue our presence to help survivors.
  2. Donating Basic hygiene supplies until they can afford their own
  3. Clothing. Gently washed or like new clothes for interviews or everyday wear. This will give them confidence and a boost to their self esteem.
  4. Volunteer with us! Send us an email at info@beasister2asister.org to find out how you can give your time.

If you would prefer to just donate at your own convenience you can go to our website at http://www.beasister2asister.org & go to Give Today then click on the donate button or you can mail a check to:


147 Prince Street, 4th Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11201

We thank you for all your support & every sister all over the world thanks you.






Samantha Inesta

Founder/Executive Director