Dis-Unity vs. Unity

We hear similar stories all over the world about how women and young girls are being lured into the sex-trafficking industry. But the reasons and the consequences are the same. Better life, feeding their family, wanting to start a new life and have a family of their own, etc. Then the consequences kick in, rapes, beatings, torture, no money, STDs, fear & coercion, and the list goes on. But one thing that stands out in these other countries whether it’s Eastern Europe or Ethiopia, there is always women out in the streets fighting for their sisters! They may be from an NGO or just having a passion to want to help these women and young girls escape their nightmare and they don’t give up. They look at all of these women as human beings, they are not consumed by the fact that they are dressed very scantily and walking the streets and that need to be put in a category and ignored. No, they are not caught up in that because they know that these women are human and that it was a very unfortunate circumstance or desperation for a better future that led then to this nightmare and feel no need to punish them further with societal stereotypes.

Young girls in villages in Albania are organizing to stop other girls in their village from being taken by mafia and sold into the sex industry. More and more women all over the world in every country where sex-trafficking is fast becoming a booming industry are starting to fight for their sisters. They do not look at them with eyes of condemnation, their eyes are filled with compassion they know these women did not chose to do this and that it could be anyone, even you. These women are being a sister to their sisters. They sometimes risk their safety to go out to sketchy places where they know that young women are being prostituted just to talk to them an maybe offer them help. There should be more sisters like that in the United States. We must take a page from the women in these countries because after all, they are being trafficked here as well. We should be giving them the same love that most women in there country would, and we should be doing it for each other. Desperation & poverty can make a woman, no matter where she lives, make decisions that result in the decay of her future. That does not mean that she is stupid and worthless and deserved what she got. It means that the person who promised her a better future had no right to dehumanize her and take her future from her. Poverty is something that for many women comes with lack of work and financial assistance, most women who are in poverty are there because of that reason, they should not be made to feel bad because they are trying to get work anyway they can. Unfortunately there are risks to that and a heavy price to pay. But whatever the reason is, there are women-sisters out there fighting for their sisters.

Here in the US we need the sisters that will go to those places where they know women and young girls are forced into prostitution whether they’re runaways, drug addicted, kidnapped, etc. We need the women that will speak out at the UN and call for a mandate the will put pressure on the government and trafficking right her in the USA. Unity, that’s where it’s at and when we comprise that unity we lose-disastrously. Dis-unity is what fuels the sex-trafficking industry and every facet connected to it as well as the customers who pay for it. Unity gives the industry a big hit that they will never recover from and cut the supply off at the root and shut down the strongholds that keep our women and young women in bondage. Dis-unity is the problem. Unity is the solution.




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