Full Decrim Died On The Table-As It should.

Samantha Inesta
Director & Human Rights Fellow

We have been going back and forth for months now, to decrim or not to decrim, everyone had a different answer but Washington finally gave us the right answer. NO to full decriminalization of prostitution. This is a victory, until the next storm hits, but at least there is no fear of legalized prostitution that would have the most damaging effect on women and girls everywhere. So many survivors traveled and spoke against this bill many times losing sleep, venting to one another and ultimately curling up in a fetal position hoping that their biggest nightmare doesn’t come true. Then there is the opposition, sex workers who decry that “sex work is work” and they are fine with with prostitution because everyday a is beautiful day at the office for them. Is it really or have they been conditioned to believe what they are fighting to protect.

There is something insidious happening within the sex worker lobby that is drawing in people who have never even thought about the issue to now be on their side and justify their ideology. Just in the same way survivors lobby Albany and Washington, so do sex workers. They are at the forefront with survivors seeking to delegitimize what has happened to them in order to make the case for legalized prostitution. They have even went after female Senators such as Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren trying to change the narrative on sex work thus trying to remove the stigma by calling it “work” just like any other job. Fortunately they couldn’t lobby everyone and for as many “sex workers” that were out there, there were ten times if not more survivors speaking out against full decriminalization and thankfully their voices were heard the most. This really isn’t so much about sex work as it is about the human rights of women and girls everywhere. When you legal prostitution and consider it full time work, you are destroying futures and opportunities that would’ve otherwise been open to women now slammed shut. College admissions of female students will plummet, there will be no more women running for congress, senate or even president. Why? Because they will be diverted from their given purpose into sex work slavery.

In an article written by Julie Bindel for the Independent in August of 2017, she states:

Under legalised and decriminalisation regimes, abuse suffered by the women is now considered an “occupational hazard”, like a stone dropped on a builder’s toe. In Amsterdam, which boasts “window brothels” where women are displayed in order that sex buyers can choose a woman to pay to penetrate, sex tourism is so normalised that even Thomas Cook used to offer guided tours around the red light areas of the city, during which children under three years old could go for free

This includes Germany, Holland, and Nevada.

This isn’t the only nightmare, how many small children will become the victims of legalized prostitution? We already have so many children being trafficked for sex that legalization will just increase those numbers making it hard for most of them to have a normal life-ever. What all of this does is mask the abuse, torture and total degradation of the bodies of women and girls domestic and foreign. When a man pays to have sex with an underage girl, he is basically paying to do literally WHATEVER he wants to her and she must comply. This is what full decriminalization does but of course the the people lobbying for it will never speak about that because they are under the delusion that it just doesn’t happen.

We have gotten through this massive attack, for now, but rest assured there will be more on the horizon.

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