Going At It Alone

Sometimes doing what you love and have a passion for can be a lonley road. It can feel like you’re the only who decided to do something without a step by step diagram and years of planning. Maybe it was complacency or stress at your current job that you wanted so badly to walk away from and waited for any chance. Maybe it was seeing others achieve their goals and doing what they love and you thought ” I can do that too!”. Of course you can. But before we start, we must realize that everyone starts in a different way.  We don’t all start with a lot of money, influence and the right connections. Some of us start from right in the dirt getting messy just to be clean again. But you know something? That’s the best place to start. Why? Because you’ve never had to rely on anyone else, you know what it’s like to truly fight for what you have and what you need. No one else calls the shots because this passion, this desire, is all yours and no one else’s to take. This has been put on your heart, it consumes your soul and you will not rest until it is finished.
There is something special about going at it alone-in the beginning that is. It takes you on a journey that you would have otherwise never been on had you had all of your needs met right from the start. If you had your picture taken with celebrities, walked the red carpet of human rights, were invited in the cirlce of influence and riches. Those things can be helpful for recognition and funding but you have a faster crash and burn rate going that route. Don’t get me wrong, running things basically on your own does have it’s negatives like not being invited to the party with the cool kids i.e. big government funded organization (with no transparency I might add), people who will donate and getting little to zero visibility. That’s when the work must speak volumes, scream if it has too. There’s a lot of loud music and deception that must be broken through to get your voice heard so drink some hot tea and get your vocal chords ready!
Going at it alone doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. The people you meet are what makes it worth it. Of course you will run into those that say they love what you and want to support you but nothing ever comes of it and that’s okay because you don’t need that weight. You may also find there are a lot of people that will try to weigh you down but you don’t need that excess baggage. At some point the right people will come alongside of you to join your journey because they truly believe in your passion and seriously want to help you. Now they may not be many at first and you’ll still be doing most of the stuff but it’s good to know you have solid people who are right there for you when you need them. You can be awesome as many and just as awesome as one.
My name is Samantha Inesta, I am the Founder/Executive Director of BeaSister2aSister. I’m going at it alone because my passion is bigger than me.

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