Immigration & Slavery – You can help!

Immigration and Sexual Slavery

Many times we hear or see women and children being brought to the United States for the purpose of working in the commercial sex industry. This global multi-million dollar business not only oppresses its victims but puts an undue strain on the immigration system. Beasister2asister can reach out in a global way by recognizing the signs of someone who is brought here under false pretenses to work as a sex slave. Here are some indicators from Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security:

1. Does the victim possess identification and travel documents? If not, who has control of these documents?

2. Did the victim travel to a destination country for a specific job or purpose and is victim engaged in different employment than expected?

3. Is victim forced to perform sexual acts as part of employment?

4. Is the victim a juvenile engaged in commercial sex?

5. Does the victim owe money to an employer or does the employer hold wages?

6. Did the employer instruct the victim on what to say to law enforcement or immigration officials?

7. Can the victim freely leave employment or the situation?

8. Are there guards at work/harboring site or video cameras to monitor and ensure no one escapes?

9. Does the victim have freedom of movement? Can they freely contact family and friends? Can they socialize or attend religious services?

These are all questions we should familiarize ourselves with, this is a global outreach campaign in the sense that we can be the whistle blowers for these women and children who are brought here through the immigration system to be treated like animals and slaves to their captors. We can also fight for the freedom of the victims and ensure that their rights and needs are met.

We call on women all over the globe to come together through outlets like social media, art, music, and cinema to stand together as sisters. Especially in times of war and conflict when women and girls are the most vulnerable and victimized. Do not allow governments and state policy to dictate how you should treat one another, this is weapon that used all too many times. Our unity will show that we are stronger than that. Our voice will continue to speak out against injustice done to women and girls around the world including the United States.

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