Let’s Talk More About Self Sustainability

When we look at the issue of human trafficking, an issue that has plagued the world for quite some time now, we tend to look at it in a one dimensional sense. We see the cause and effect followed by the eventual take down i.e. arresting pimps/traffickers while “rescuing” the women and girls that have been forced into that life. After they are unnecessarily processed, they are offered services to help them get through their trauma along with a safe place to do it. There they receive counseling, shelter, food, medical attention and sometimes legal services if they are foreign born. But this often times is a temporary fix, it doesn’t last leaving the survivor feeling hopeless again and re-thinking going back onto the streets.

While there is a need for front line organizations to  be available to survivors once they come out of their situation, there is also a need for them to become independent as apposed to dependent. While those emergency programs help, they’re not sustaining and can do more damage to a survivor if they become to dependent on it for their day to day life.

Most all organizations offer job training, access to some sort of shelter and various educational workshops however, with the influx of so many women and girls who are being trafficked there’s no accountability to make sure the survivor has everything they need to move on because as new women come into the program, the ones that have gone through already sometimes fall by the waist side or are forgotten. This leaves them wondering how they will survive and panic sets in followed by desperation and the willingness to do whatever they need to for survival. Even if it means going back on the streets.

We offer something that most programs are unable to. We offer self sustainability. What does that mean? It means equipping survivors with the tools and resources they need in order to break free from the life they left behind and move forward without being re-traumatized and re-victimized.

We also offer training programs, employment, counseling, medical, legal etc. But we do things differently. Before a survivor begins the journey of independence and self sustainability, we ask them how they would like to proceed and taylor the program according to their needs not ours. We offer them a continued range of services that may have not been fully met at the last program. Once we have identified the most urgent needs we work on them first to strengthen the survivor and encourage them to keep moving forward. Continued workshops, trainings, counseling and basic resources such as food, clothing and permanent housing empower them further. Employment in positive environments that are welcoming and supportive keeps them believing in themselves and wanting independence more and more. We will accompany them to all appointments if they wish and advocate for them in every situation that arises. We offer all this and more until they can stand on their own an no longer need our resources.

This is the goal of BeaSister2aSister, to be able to help a survivor help themselves so that we can help more on the path to self sustainability. That is all we focus on, this is a need that MUST be met a gap that needs to be filled. Not all women and girls who have survived human trafficking are able to move forward and be independent. BeaSister2aSister offers all of our services freely and works with survivors until they are self sustainable however, we cannot do it without support. In order for us to offer self sustainability our organization must be sustained as well. Please consider donating or being a recurring donor for $25, $50, or $100 monthly. This will help us be sustained and help us sustain survivors. As women, girls and sisters we should look out for each other no matter where were are from or what our background is.

BeaSister2aSister-Being Accountable For Every Woman Around The Globe.

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