Navigating The Waters of LA



Change is good. Change comes in different forms from a new job to starting a new life, change can be exciting. Sometimes we really need a change and when the opportunity presents itself-we take it because we know it will be better for us. That’s what we help survivors do on their journey to self sustainability we encourage them to embrace the change.

Starting fresh can be a scary thing, especially when you don’t know what the future holds but you keep you faith strong knowing that somehow, some way, it will all work out. BeaSister2aSister believes that change is good and even though it can be a little frightening, it can also be exhilarating and adventurous. We are starting new programs in Southern California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County and San Diego. In addition to New York along with several countries we are working in, BeaSister2aSister has expanded our programs to have a wider reach into helping women and girls. Having a hand in big cities, places where young women are most vulnerable to being trafficked and exploited, positions us at the right point to help those who are lost in the cycle of programs that are keeping them dependent and helpless. We know that giving women and girls opportunities to be successful on their own without a interdependent relationship is empowering and strengthening.

If we are not afraid to embrace change we can go a long way and achieve success become the women we were meant to be. We have only been in LA for a sort time but we are already engaging with young women and helping them to live up to their full potential, hunger for more and not live a life of complacency. There are many more out there who can benefit from change and growth. BeaSister2asister understands that it’s not that easy for some women to take this new opportunity to start over. They may have ties to certain people who have helped them in the beginning but are no longer giving them what they need but have become attached to them. They may have children they are waiting to be reunited with and don’t want to leave or go far away for fear they may never see them again due to a abusive marriage which turned into a abusive divorce. Whatever the reason is, BeaSister2aSister will work with them so that they can see that staying complacent and waiting for change to come to them will get them to where they want to be nor will it help them on the path of sustainability.

BeaSister2aSister wants to be where young women and girls are craving for change, desperate for something new but don’t know how to access it because they have been living with trauma and re-victimization. We feel we are positioned in an area where we can reach  young women who are survivors of trafficking, domestic violence, exploitation and abuse as well as being a service to refugee women who are coming across the border seeking asylum for violence back in their country. As the ever-changing nature of violence against women progresses, we will be there to offer hope and new life filled with independence and self sustainability. We love LA!


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this blog! BeaSister2aSister is a 501(c)3 non profit that helps survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, abuse and exploitation to gain the skills and tools to become self sustainable again and break away from interdependence. We are based in the United States with programs in several countries.

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