Our War Room

Samantha Inesta
Human Rights Fellow
Founder/Executive Director-BeaSister2aSister

Women all over the world are experiencing struggles in their fight for human rights which consists of: equality, reproductive rights and overall humanity of women as it pertains to society, the workplace and the home. This has become such a heated political issue that it has been dubbed “The War on Women”. Almost every state or country has their own war room for women to help strategize and navigate how change can be made and how to best fight the systems that are hurting our right to even exist. This isn’t a new struggle, it’s not even an old one. This is our mission statement that still to this day has not been achieved. There are many reasons why we as women are still going back to the battlefield to fight something which we cannot seem to always win at. Of course one of the obvious reasons is patriarchy, policy put in place that will only give males the right to make laws designed to control women and keep them from achieving what they have achieved while not taking the time to understand us and our needs at all.

The next reason being are the cheerleaders of the patriarchy aka “Foot Soldiers”. They unfortunately are usually women who seem to think they are immune to all of this. At the same time it is a tactic to divide women so that we never achieve what we have set out to do all these years, live in freedom and equality. Just because a female voice says it’s a good thing doesn’t make it so. Just shoving any woman in our face to get us to stoop to a low level of thinking will not get us to see eye to eye. Another reason is the different factions of feminism that have surfaced recently. One of the top debates out there is you can’t be anti-sex work and still be a feminist. No one knows how or why sex work has become an economic empowerment tool, but it has. Last time I checked, being a feminist does not mean selling your body for money. It means getting any education, succeeding in a male dominated environment and hitting your goals.

The more insidious reason is our every growing rape culture, pornification & dehumanization of women. THIS is one of the main reasons why women and girls all over the globe are coming out and speaking against a health and human rights crisis that is growing and claiming many lives in it’s wake. Believe it or not all of this ties itself into politics, world issues and yes even economic destabilization. When women are kept from access to stable and sustainable employment, unable to walk the streets or go to work without being sexually harassed or assaulted, and are left out to decide issues that concern them-everything collapses. Legalizing prostitution while decriminalizing the men who buy, rape, torture and even murder them sends a loud message to women everywhere that you do not matter and your are disposable. This is our War Room, this is the headquarters where we navigate and chose weapons that will most effectively fight this war to claim victory. It may take a very long time but it will be worth it to see the shift that will give the next generation a brighter future. So please, sign up for the War Room nearest you-all of our lives depend on it.

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