Passing of the TVPJA

On March 16th 2015 advocates and survivors travelled to Albany for the 4th consecutive year to lobby for the passing of the TVPJA (Trafficking Victims Justice and Protection Act). Beasisiter2asister was there giving our voice and support to this ground breaking new piece of legislation crafted by Assemblywomen Amy Paulin. On that day justice was finally recognized. No longer will victims have to testify against their trafficker, wiretaps will be used to gather that information. The playing field was leveled between statutory rape and patronizing a minor for sex, the word prostitute was stricken from the penal code, women and girls who had been forced into prostitution will have those charges vacated from their record and “Johns” will be held accountable for their actions. This has been a long and arduous road but we have finally come to victory. With the new replacement for the Speaker of the House Carl Heastie came new legislation and new beginnings for many survivors and victims of this new form of modern day slavery.  We declare freedom for all our sisters!!!

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