Pivot Project

Beasister2asister is pround to have supported the Pivot Project, a ground breaking project created in 2014 in Washington. This project ia designed to reach women and girls who are trapped in sexual slavery and feel there is no way out. This is a feminine product that hides a very special message for those who are victims but it also offers hope and a way out. This discreetly packaged product looks like and other feminine product you would see at the drugstore or supermarket. It is individually wrapped to it can be easily distributed. We are currently in the process of fundrasing with our partners to put in an order and make New York City the pilot for this innovative creation. We will be working with service providers, safe havens, and community centers to disseminate the product to as many women and girls that are currently being trafficked or are at risk. Watch the tutorial here:


If you would like more information about the Pivot Project, please send an email to:


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