Playing Politics With Prostitution

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Our country has moved to a dangerous paradigm shift. The full decriminalization of prostitution, not just the women forced into it, but the men who buy, rape and abuse them for sexual pleasure. Trying to legitimize prostitution and give it approval as an acceptable means of employment is giving way to more insidious behavior in the way society treats women and girls. Prostitution and sex trafficking are synonymous when it comes to the degradation and dehumanization of women. It strips them of all humanity and replaces it with a commodity label along with a price tag. Allowing this law to pass is basically telling every female in this country you don’t matter and your existence is meaningless. The powers in DC are trying to have their cake and eat it to by satisfying the lust of privileged men who are among their ranks or who are and connected to power and using our children to do it.

Washington DC is scheduled to decide on a law that will destroy the lives of countless women and girls, the full decriminalization of prostitution which will in turn elevate sex trafficking, especially for minors. The blinders they’re wearing are a deliberate tactic to justify keeping the DC clients happy. The Jeffery Epstein case was the perfect example of how this government views child sexual abuse and child trafficking. This was a huge network of lawyers, socialites and former victims turned recruiters who tricked and manipulated children into performing sexual acts for Epstein and a host of wealthy, powerful clients. What will full decriminalization look like when another case like this happens? I imagine it will be everyone involved getting off scott-free while their victims have to put the pieces of their lives back together. The traumatization and PTSD that are suffered by all victims of sex trafficking will be whitewashed and disregarded. These are children, someone’s daughter. Her parents were there when she took her first step, learn to ride a bike, had birthday parties with ice cream and cake and friends. Now she is trying to block out memories of her innocence and childhood being ripped from her because adults manipulated her into doing something she never wanted.

This is serious and affects every young woman in this society no matter what socio-economic background you come from. Traffickers are everywhere disguised as boyfriends, friends, authoritative types, pornographers and even family members. How can anyone expect a child to live with a family member who will traffic them for money until their body can’t take it anymore? That’s what full decriminalization does. There will be more missing children, more sexual abuse in homes, foster care and everywhere it’s legal. What are we saying to children? We want you so we can exploit you? If Washington passes full decriminalization of prostitution it’s saying we have no humanity nor do we care what happens to our children. Very telling for a country who loves to point the finger at the human rights abuses of women and children in other countries but can’t seem to to treat there own with dignity and humanity.

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