Political Xenophobia And Human Suffering

Samantha Inesta Human Rights Fellow/Founder/Executive Director BeaSister2aSister

It is now official. Stimulus will only be $600 (if we’re lucky) and everyone’s future hangs in the balance forcing people and families to make hard and sometimes heart-breaking decisions. Christmas 2020 was definitely the biggest bah humbug and slap in the face no one was expecting. Now that this completely nightmarish year is coming to an end, we are all holding our breath hoping, praying, believing that 2021 holds the key to stopping this pandemic, fixing the economy and giving everyone their lives, family and friends back. But we don’t really know how that’s going to work out just yet. Right to the very last second this outgoing president is going to trigger every fear, every anxiety and depression that has consumed this country ever since March of this year. He knows nothing of the lengths of desperation that some people and family members will go to so that they don’t lose everything-just their humanity.

As we have seen in poorer countries (America is one of the richest & poorest countries at the same time) parents will do the unthinkable and sell a child (usually a daughter) to gain the finances needed so the family can eat and live. This could be a one time sale to a trafficker (apparently unbeknownst to the family) who will of course take their daughter with false promises and force her to work in a brothel where she will be forgotten by her family shamed and stigmatized. Attractive job opportunities in neighboring countries push parents to send them abroad with hopes she will send money back but then vanishes to their astonishment because backward cultural appropriation tells them it’s okay. Then there are the young mothers or single young women who are finding it hard to feed themselves, their children, find a stable job and a place to live. Women especially are put into these situations because their survival is dependent on a man and when they are alone they find it extremely difficult to sustain themselves when scarce work is always given to males because they are the more valued gender. It is through these consequences that they seek to make money fast and that decision isn’t easy to live with and not one they make lightly. Providing for themselves or their children by selling their bodies is not a feminist cry that sex work is work, it’s a suffering groan of a system that has abandoned them and cares nothing for their future while society continues to stigmatize them and claim superiority and privilege.

We must look at these situations and not dismiss them because they are in “other countries”, they’re right here in front of you and if things don’t get better more of these decisions will be made or made for women and girls who have always been collateral damage in any society. Let’s be real. Families are hurting-a lot. Domestic violence, child abuse & molestation has been on the rise ever since the beginning of quarantine and now people and families have been stressed to the breaking point of “what are we going to do?” If COVID didn’t stop abuse, sexual or otherwise, exploitation or sex trafficking then it won’t stop the distressing reality of a parent or individual victimizing or willingly selling their own bodies or someone else’s for financial gain. The profits gained from big pornography such as Pornhub and it’s affiliates consisting of rape & torture videos of women and children are enough to fund every city and state in this country, that’s what the second amendment has done. While some are patting themselves on the back for going after this latest form of human rights abuses, we will see more of this because even though we may have been able to “out” the biggest online internet traffickers, we may not be able to extinguish the darker more hidden enslavement.

What we know to be true is that an economy that only serves the interests of the rich is a broken one in the sense that the have nots portion of the haves will erode the social fabric in what’s left of a democratic society with a kill or be killed mentality. As we begin the new year next week we will still be in the waiting stage but we must be aware that whatever normalization starts to happen we cannot let desperation and bad choices destroy futures. Every woman and girl has potential, gifts and something so special to give to the world. Let’s not move forward with the pain of 2020 but of a mission that makes sure our women, girls and children have support, options and not a country who will throw them in the fire for political advancement or conspiracy theory insanity. 2021 can be our year if we allow it.

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We so excited to share that we will be having a new podcast coming in 2021 on Anchor.com called Global Sisters where there will be discussions on human trafficking and the broader human rights issues that are affecting populations all over the world. We hope you tune in!