Powerful Men, Pedophilia & Trafficking

Samantha Inesta
Human Rights Fellow
Founder/Executive Director

The victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s house of horrors finally have justice. Mr. Epstein has been arrested and indicted, if convicted he will face up to 45 years in prison which will amount to a life sentence according to prosecutors on the case. One of his victims, Courtney Wild, spoke out in approval of the indictment and is hopeful there will be a conviction. This is a big victory for all of the victims of Epstein’s exploitation of their youth and sexuality. Enabling pedophiles and giving them access to the innocence of children was something he profited from in many ways. He himself was a benefactor of the exploitative environment he created.

To understand how all of this could happen without anything being done, we must look at the men & women that benefited and contributed to Epstein’s underage sex utopia. There were lawyers, socialites, Royalty, past and present presidents all people who Epstein felt could insulate him from any accountability or wrongdoing. This carefully plotted high end child brothel even came with a madam who recruited these very young girls. Socialite, 57-year old Ghislaine Maxwell has been accused of working with international recruiters to lure young women into modeling jobs, employment in education and a career in fashion when in actuality they were being groomed, it’s pure sex trafficking 101. The most highly visible image that came out of all of this is Epstein with Donald Trump and Bill Clinton who have been said to have been at these “parties” that Epstein threw in his palatial estates. When we look at the systems of male privilege, millionaires and patriarchy we can come to the conclusion that these types of men are positioned to hold power over anything they desire from the unconscionable to the inhumane.

In our society there is a tendency to treat men in power with more leniency than we show others. We tend to overlook the horrific in exchange for how hard he’s worked to get to where he is. Or maybe we just don’t want to believe that a rich man who has so much money would do something like this when he could just have a wife and family. Status and money do not explain the psyche of a man who takes pleasure in exploiting young women and children. Federal prosecutor Alexander Acosta wrote up an indictment that should have put Jeffery Epstein behind bars for life but acquiesced to Epstein’s legal team that resulted in a deal in the form of a 13 month jail sentence and no federal charges. Fortunately for the victims involved in this case, there were those that were not going to let this just go away with a plea deal that did not equal justice for anyone except the perpetrator. When the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office stepped in the deal that was made became obsolete and indictments followed.

There are more than likely a lot more names that will be revealed in the coming weeks. The notorious “Little Black Book” holds many more lives in it’s pages that could destroy a lifetime of building a career and reputation that looked respectable but in reality, it was a smoke screen.

One thing we must always remember, sex trafficking is not just bringing women and girls in from other countries, it’s also enslaving the women and girls here in America. Courtney Wild was not from Russia or the Ukraine or even Latvia, she was from the United States as well as several others were. This is not an “other country” epidemic, this is a global one, the US included. When the government puts out it’s annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report it isn’t just the countries abroad that are being evaluated, it’s us too and just like so many other places, it’s not getting any better. The Jeffery Epstein scandal could just be the tip of the iceberg into uncovering powerful men who feed their perverse lust with young women and children. Remember, powerful men are no different from other men who may not have the same financial and social privilege and do the same, they just share the same toxic mentality.

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