S.O.B’s “Sexually Oriented Businesses”

S.O.B’s that is a fitting acronym for operations that degrade humanity. Sexually Oriented Businesses supply the commercial sex industry with bodies of women used for sex to satisfy the salacious and perverse demands of customers who pay for sex. These, of course, are women who are not giving their bodies willingly. I would like to enlighten you a little bit on the issue of these SOB’s.

The Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking, a subsidiary of The Salvation Army, shows us what these SOBs are comprised of and how they work. This is what they had to say:

These sexually oriented businesses (SOBs) profit by supplying sex to those seeking it. In order to supply sex, the commercial sex industry must provide sufficient access to bodies. Because it’s not a woman’s choice to sell sex, some SOBs must depend on sexually trafficked women and girls to make up a sufficient supply of bodies available for sex. Not all people in the commercial sex industry have gone through the trafficking process, but participation in the commercial sex trade is inherently harmful to the individual whether they have been sexually trafficked or not.

A continuum of “enterprises” makes up the commercial sex industry. These can include:

  • pornography production studios,
  • strip clubs (e.g. table and lap dancing),
  • live-sex shows,
  • peep shows,
  • Internet or “virtual” prostitution,
  • escort or outcall services,
  • “sex tour” operators,
  • brothels (frequently operating behind fronts such as massage parlors, saunas, bathhouses, bars, cabarets, clubs, cinemas, beauty salons, barber shops, and restaurants), as well as
  • pimp-facilitated, street-level prostitution.

SOBs, whether in legal or illegal environs, can range in sophistication from mom-and-pop operations and decentralized criminal networks, to syndicates with multiple illicit businesses, or highly, sophisticated corporate enterprises with publicly traded stock. Those involved in, connected to, or with self-interest in commercial sex industry enterprises extend well beyond the commercial sex buyers, sex traffickers (a.k.a. pimps) or owners and investors. In fact those with a stake in the commercial sex industry can include taxi drivers, hotel owners, travel agents, waiters, newspapers and media groups. Thus many people and sectors of the economy profit from the sex trafficking. Factors such as globalization and industrialization, lax laws or the legalization of prostitution laws, the pervasive demand for commercial sex, and attractive financial incentives, have spurred the growth of the sex industry and established it as a recognized business sector figuring significantly into the national economics of countries around the world.

Once trafficked into the commercial sex industry, victims endure unspeakable acts of physical brutality and violence; suffer serial rape by so-called customers and pimps; undergo forced abortions; acquire drug and alcohol dependencies; live in fear of their lives and in fear for the lives of their family and friends; suffer acute psychological reactions as a result of their extreme physical and emotional trauma; and contract sexually transmitted diseases which all too often bring life-long illness and hasten death. If they survive the physical abuse, the psychological and spiritual impacts of these experiences on victims are devastating and enduring.

Prostitution is inherently harmful and dehumanizing, and significantly contributes to the phenomenon of sex trafficking. Pornography is also innately harmful and dehumanizing. It contributes to sex trafficking by conditioning men to view females as mere objects for their sexual use, and by leading some men to seek sex through prostitution.

These “enterprises” that they are speaking of are readily available right in your own neighborhood whether you know it or not. I say to you no matter who you are the next time your partner suggests you watch a porn movie to bring “romance” or “spice” into your relationship know that it will do nothing of the sort. It will only tear you apart. Also know that despite what your mate will tell you, the woman in the video is NOT enjoying it she’s drugged up to accommodate the men in the video and another thing, she does NOT want to be there. For the men who like to do “Guy’s Night” and think it’s so awesome to go to strip clubs, peep shows, live sex shows and the like, whether it’s for a bachelor party or a “Buddy’s” birthday, not only are you inadvertently raping these women but you are contributing to their nightmare. Lap dances where women stare blankly out into space while they are forced to degrade themselves for your pleasure does not necessarily mean that they’ve always wanted to do that.

Women are not freely giving themselves to you or this industry, they are trafficked. This has not all of a sudden become a sexual utopia for you to have it all. I call to you to wake up!  Men wake up and throw away this life of perversion and stand up against this industry. Do not be bound by this world’s definition of a man, be the loving, father and husband you should be. The good friend that will step in when he sees his other friends falling into the trap of pornography and strip clubs, the good man who will turn his back on such dehumanizing sexual captivity and bondage a voice that will lead a rebellion against this modern day form of slavery. I call on women to wake up and stand up for their sisters, do not be complacent when it comes to stripping and pornography. And please, please, please do not buy and wear those shirts that say Porn Star in big red letters with a red star underneath it! You have no idea what kind of statement you are and what you are saying about yourself. Be careful, a trafficker might take it literally and approach you. That’s where we’re at now.

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