Stand Up And Fight!

Jackson Heights Queens. If you have ever been in this area of New York you will notice the 6 bars or more on every block all catering to one thing-the sex industry. You cannot walk down one block and not hit a chica bar or lounges advertising women and sex. The industry there ranges from little girls to young gay men to trans-gender individuals. You are hit immediately in the face with this, every street corner has men leering at women and young girls as if they all work at these bars and lounges. This is very unfortunate because aside from that, the area boasts of some of the best Latin food from just about any Spanish culture you can think of. That is why I was there. Even though I had built up an appetite for some Arroz con Pollo and Sweet Plantains it was starting to diminish as a friend and I went walking through the neighborhood. It wasn’t until we got to Roosevelt Avenue when I lost my appetite completely. You have to understand that this area has men constantly out in the streets looking for something different and believe me they do not have to look far because it comes to them. Even though we see a large Hispanic population in Jackson Heights, there is also a significant East Indian and Asian population that is intermingled within the culture. That brings me back to where I lost my appetite.

On the corner of the popular Roosevelt Ave. there was a young good looking Latino who appeared to be either looking for someone or waiting for someone or something. Well, what he was waiting for wasted no time to get to him. No sooner did we notice this guy that a Asian man in his 60s approached him and began to show him pictures of young Asian women. And just like a little puppy obeying his master, he followed the Asian man a few steps away to a small storefront with a red awning to the have his pick of the girls he was selling, this Asian man didn’t have to say much and I am sure he has lured several other men in the same way. This was so blatant that there was no time to be shocked or stunned because this is par for the course in the area and everyone is so complacent and scared that they dare not say anything. Apparently they have not heard of Beasister2asister yet.

Once the initial outrage settled, I of course knew what the next step was-call the authorities, but I couldn’t do it in that location. These places do not always rely on the public looking the other way because they know that if they did, one day they would get busted. Immediately after my friend and I witnessed this, lookouts were planted and we were followed. These men  are not trying to lose their investment in the bodies, souls, and lives of the young women and little girls they are destroying. So of course we had to act natural and continue with our plans to have dinner as if we saw nothing. The whole time I could only imagine the nightmare that was happening a few blocks down while we were having dinner and it really burned me with anger that I couldn’t just go in there and take them all out to a safe place. The second I was far enough away and safe from any lookouts, I called the authorities and gave them the information. There are so many women in Jackson Heights that are in bondage and have no voice, they are suppressed and made to blend into the neighborhood. But, you can always tell who they are because they are forced to advertise themselves even when they are walking down the street by wearing tight white pants that will show her thong underwear. This signifies that she is working at one of the bars and all the men have to do is ask which one.

Just the same way lookouts where placed on Roosevelt Ave., the same way these girls are being watched as they walk around advertising what they do at the coercion of the pimp or trafficker. We cannot afford to idly stand by and think that just because it’s not us or anyone we know that we should just walk on by. You think it won’t affect your or your female friends or even relatives? Keep ignoring it and you will get to know very intimately the consequences of those actions. I have faith that help came to those girls and that somehow they were rescued. Beasister2asister will be back in that area helping our sisters no matter what country they are from and I encourage anyone reading this to do the same. Even if you don’t live in Queens or in New York as I’ve said this happens everywhere. Do not look at them as foolish women, look at them as your sister, my sister-OUR sisters.

Thank you.


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