Supporting Monsters

Lately we have been inundated with images of sexual harrassment & assault from powerful men in Hollywood such as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and a slew of others. I’m sure the list is still getting bigger by the day. But now we are hearing stories a little more close to home-Alabama to be exact. Roy Moore, republican candidate for the US Senate has been accused of sexual harrasment, assault and molestation by several women when he was in his 30s and these women were very young teens. The myraid of ultra-conservative white women supporting him even though there are unending testimonies that he did it is astonishing.
Once again the mixture of religion, female purity values and straight brainwashing has turned the most conservative of women against one another. This is a good thing for the men who have created this propaganda because it always gives them the upper hand agaist their accuser. Just like Roy Moore said, “They’ll never believe you.” And so far he’s kind of right.  As more women come forward with gruesome details and traumatic dispositions, Moore’s support grows larger. Somehow when it is said that a man worships God then he must be a good man, faultless without blemish. Newsflash, NO ONE in the Bible is faultless and without blemish. But man likes to say these things to cover up the monster that is hiding in the shadows.
This is the classic divide and conquer tactic. If you get them to believe what your saying, use the Bible to uphold your lies-but then make sure no one is actually READING the Bible-twist a few scriptures and play the victim, viola! She’s the whore of Babylon and your Jesus Christ. Fortunately, there are those that do read it and see the disconnect with 20/20 vision. What kind of christian values would make a person say they would rather have a child molestor in the Senate than a Democrat? Is that the Gospel according to Bobby Jo?  There’s nothing that supports that theology.
President Trump, who has also been accused of basically the same thing, has voiced his unending support for Roy Moore. There are also white women that support Trump, they must reading the same Gospel. These women want so much to see a man with good values, loves his country, God and doing right for his own that they have a blind spot to everything that is wrong and potentially dangerous with him. They are suffering from White Evangelical PTSD.  It is making them so unstable that they are willing to victim shame and blame women-who are just like them by the way- in order to keep that image alive. Do they think it can never happen to them? Are they in denial? Just like the wife that pretends her husband is not having an affair, these women are pretending Roy Moore is their savior, it just feels better.
If these white women truly believe in God and his justice then they should listen to Him and not Roy Moore.

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