Survivors Are Watching The Impeachment Hearings Too.

Samantha Inesta
Human Rights Fellow
Executive Director

The biggest event in history since Nixon is taking place on the airwaves, the impeachment trial of current president Donald J. Trump. He is guilty on a wide range of issues from domestic to foreign-and he denies all of it. Depending on where you sit on the spectrum, you may be more interested in the president’s dealings with Ukraine, Qassem Soleimani, or war with Iran. These are all big issues that need everyone’s attention but there are other issues that have fallen by the waist side that may not seem so important to some but they’re important to survivors.

Amid the nuclear debris of charges against Trump there are some that speak to how this country is viewing and treating women. His affairs, sexual assault and harassment and let’s not forget the Jeffrey Epstein disaster that not only saw young girls being raped and trafficking but ties to the Israeli government, weapons and intelligence. Then there was the train wreck that no one could look away from between the president and Stephanie Clifford (that is her name, she is a person and I will treat her as such) that dominated so much of the news. It became such a circus and an outlet for porn obsessed men to feel validated in their choice to watch it and justify their behavior. Karen McDougal was the next in line to come out and confess but not without remorse. More Trump accusers followed suit, one after the other they all had a story about how they were groped, pinched or had the president force himself on them. Donald Trump’s response was only to call them liars, degrade their looks, age and intelligence.

This president has been involved in one form or another, situations that put women and girls at risk or force them into a position where they will be silenced. During the two terms that President Barak Obama served he created a Human Trafficking Task Force that included survivors and their input on what legislation needed to be put in place so that survivors were treated humanely. Under the current administration that doesn’t exist anymore, we now have Ivanka Trump-I won’t say anything else. In recent days the Trump administration made some changes to the immigration policy as it pertains to human trafficking. Apparently if you are a survivor and you are looking for asylum or safe refuge and can prove it, it won’t mean a thing because you will be denied entry at every turn. He is closing the borders so tight that even victims will not be able to get help. This strategy is meant to keep “bad people” out but what it really does is denies rights of immigrants (mostly female) from seeking protection from a trafficker or an extremely abusive husband. It doesn’t stop there. Survivors in this country are at risk of losing badly needed support from the government such as food stamps and cash assistance because of the changes Trump wants to implement in programs that are designed to help people get on their feet, instead it keeps them in poverty. It is bad enough that most in America are underemployed or unemployed, homeless and hungry, now if you find yourself in a life altering situation such as trafficking or domestic violence, you are treated much worse.

The impeachment hearings are a window into who the president really is and why survivors should trust him or not. All the lying, denying and coverups are showing survivors that if the president of the United States is the cause of the obstruction of justice and won’t even show up for his own trial, how can they count on this government to help them. They’re wondering why all of his sexual deviancy isn’t included and why it was looked at as a bad “B” movie. These are the things that mean a lot because that is the measure of how they will be looked at and treated. With all the talk of foreign meddling and collusion in regards to elections, military and war, survivors want to know that the president of their country isn’t going to sell them out. I think the evidence clear, if president Donald J. Trump will not attend the impeachment trial, provide evidence and tell the truth then how are we to expect that he will do anything worthy of presidential decency when it comes to human rights issues such as trafficking and domestic violence.

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