Survivors Must Deal With “Life” In Order To Succeed

We all want to be an adult when we’re children. Adults get to do the coolest things like, stay up late, eat ice cream before dinner and make their own decisions. But when we reach that adult stage, we want to regress back to our childhood because we realize that even though we get to do cool stuff, life is just too hard. Of course our parents walk with us and hold our hands while guiding us to  a life of self sustainability and independence. There comes a time when the cord must be cut and we are on our own.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing but sometimes it becomes difficult to cut that cord when you’ve been so dependent on others for an extremely long time. When you’ve been denied providing for your own basic needs and having to rely on someone else to provide them. A person that has been in bondage to this and survived will have a very hard time breaking away. The first steps that are taken involve a program that will supply those needs-temporarily. Survivors are tied to a program that promises them continued support-that is until the money runs out or they have been aged out of the program. They have never known how to do for themselves, because they didn’t have to.

This is something that is very dangerous for a survivor of trafficking. If you empower them to move on and become a leader, you should also empower them to be independent and deal with life. It’s one thing to mentor a survivor but if you neglect to show them how to conduct themselves in certain situations or how to provide for themselves without expecting to get a handout, your work is in vain. There are too many survivors out there having a difficult time because they have not learned how to be self sustainable.

Beasister2asister provides nothing but programs to help survivors stay on the path of self sustainability. Sometimes there are programs that are just designed to be the first stepping stone to independence, and that is needed. However, if there is no aftercare that follows it will make the first program invalid. We work with survivors of different programs to provide that aftercare so that other programs can concentrate on the front line of healing. Both of these things do and should go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. We work with many survivors and we see the disservice that is being done to the survivors who are not encouraged to be a part of a self sustainable program, we also see the benefits of those who do go through our program and succeed. We are all in it for the same goal, to help survivors live a productive life filled with joy, peace and love. This can happen if we work as allies and not competitors.


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