The Brown Menace

So we are back here again. Whenever our attention needs to be diverted it’s always diverted by the “immigrant caravan” the brown menace that are coming to rob, steal and kill Americans-we need a wall. This is an issue that will never cease to be put in the spotlight when deflection is the only solution to cover up the lies we are being told. So, has the wall been built? The answer is no. Have immigrants stopped coming to the border to seek asylum, refuge and a better life? Again, the answer is no. People lives are being used as a bargaining chip for the U.S. President’s plan to “Make America Great Again” a slogan that we are hearing less and less of. If in doing so it means that children are separated from their parents, locked up and abused while women are fleeing abusive husbands and whole families are trying to escape gang violence, then this country should reorganize their priorities.

Latinos from Central America and Mexico are coming because they believe wholeheartedly that they will get to a place were they can live in safety and security but are soon met with hostility and racism. So much so that this administration believes that the only port of entry for human traffickers, smugglers and terrorists is through the Mexican boarder. I guess the rest of the world is secure and these issues don’t plague them. As a matter of fact this President so sure of this that he has shutdown the U.S. government unless he gets a wall on the San Ysidro border in San Diego. This childish, spoiled brat mentality is costing children at the border their lives while hurting families and women who rely on government funding to feed their families. Not to mention the domestic violence services that abused women count on to help rebuild their lives and be safe from their abusers. This is touching more people than anyone can imagine. And it’s still going on.

When you look at the insidious ways we are being led to believe that everything in fine and we are winning, it’s very unsettling. Telling society that the economy is great and unemployment is at an all time low because everyone is working one, two, three jobs while thousands of government employees are not working and have no paycheck. The farce that is being played over and over again that every American is working and are bringing home more money than ever is just plain evil and doesn’t live in the same house as the truth does. Deflection, distortion and lies is what we are being fed. If the demand for the wall is not being met then we must suffer.

This is not just for political commentators or the news media, this is for all of us to have a voice. Whenever a crisis arises that calls for depletion of funding eradication of services and shutdown of programs, it is women that are the most deeply affected. This is why we are in the front lines making our presence known whether we are acknowledged or not. These times don’t call for silence they call for action. We are not looking for popularity or recognition we just want our basic human rights of freedom to live in a place where we can be safe and thrive in our life. The more we are denied and told to be quiet, the more we will push forward until we get OUR demands met.

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