The Human Commodity

One doesn’t normally think of a human being as a reusable commodity but it seems to be the money maker of choice in our globalized society. Arms and drug dealers have now added bodies to their repertoire of services. Why you may ask? Because you can use a body over and over whereas drugs and guns are only sold once making the trade less profitable. Slavery has been with the human race since the beginning of time and has since then become the most inhumane and dehumanizing practice this world has ever seen.
Lets start with sexual slavery. The most immoral, violent and anti-female slavery there is.  I’m not talking about women who have chosen to sell themselves because they don’t see anyway out of their economic situation or other unforeseen circumstances, I’m talking about women and girls who for various reasons had force fraud or coercion hijack their lives. So many factors can lead to this type of deception, here are a few: 1. Promised work in another country only to be sold in a brothel, strip clubs, etc. with all of their papers confiscated and a never ending debt bondage that doesn’t lead to freedom. 2. A boyfriend who manipulates his way in and professes love, stability and a future but hands her sexy clothing and says she must “work” to bring in money. 3. This is not as common but it does happen. Kidnapping leading to forced  prostitution and “home delivery.”
The one thing these all have in common is the break down process. It starts with verbal abuse then graduates to severe beating and mass rape until there is no will left and the spirit is completely broken. That is when the buying and selling of the human commodity truly begins.  She must rely on her trafficker for everything, food, money and basic necessities, if he feels he wants to give it to her. Sleep deprived she must service many to keep the beatings at bay.
Another component of the human commodity is labor trafficking. There are many sectors in various industries that are involved in this kind of slavery. In this case the human commodity is not there to be sold but to bring in a profit by using physical work under horrific conditions in order to keep their “employer” happy and rich. Depravation of food, sleep and basic necessities keep them weak but under control. If they desire to eat they must work longer hours in extreme hot weather or frigid cold with no breaks. They are expected to sleep only a few hours and survive on nothing. They are punished because they are too weak or they cannot keep up with their employer’s demands. Often the the threats are immigration or maybe their life.
The breakdown process here is similar to sex trafficking. Depravation, lack of food and sleep. Beating and punishments as well as sexual assaults (especially if you are a woman), migrant women suffer from this the most.
Every country exploits a neighboring one for sex and labor and if there are some that come looking for work from a country that is not close, they will exploit them too. Some countries look the other way because they see it as a economic boost to their country not considering the damage being done not only to the person enslaved but on the society as a whole.
So what happens when there is war and conflict?
The number of women and children that are being trafficked during this time is staggering. Mostly it is sex that is the choice of the day leaving so many broken and devastated. Rogue militias using children as soldiers to fight for a skewed ideology that boasts brainwashing tactics to turn them against their family and everything they’ve ever known. UN agencies litter these countries trying to fulfill the UN Charter for women but not many make it.
There is no doubt this is a global, health and moral crisis. This is not something that happens in one country, one society, one culture, it happens in them all. From the most farthest regions of the international world to the whitest suburbs in America. The human commodity lives. As long as there is a demand and as long as governments continue to fuel that demand with  faulty legislation, under the table dealings and a wink-wink nudge-nudge approach, the human commodity will never go away.

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