The Syrian Refugee Crisis and Trafficking

Syria has exploded into a vast wasteland of leveled buildings, destroyed holy sites and the bodies of those who tried to save or flee their country. ISIS has done more than strike fear into the hearts of the Syrians, they have ripped all hope and a future from them. But Syrians are paying a high price to get that hope and future back.

Homeless, impoverished and desperate many flee the country to find a better life-any means necessary. ISIS is not the only network that is using human trafficking to keep refugees in bondage. Other groups of human smuggling “Mafias” have emerged and they are just a vicious and inhuman forcing refugees into the most horrible conditions possible and at times leaving them for dead.

The push for an Islamic Caliphate combined with bombings, beheadings and rapes has left other religious minorities in a state of panic. Christians being the largest group desperately desiring to leave fall in the hands of  militant Islamists who target them fiercely with increased rapes, kidnappings and human trafficking. Paralyzing fear leaves Christians terrified to tell their stories for fear of retribution.

The problem has escalated even beyond the UNHCR’s control with overcrowded refugees camps in Jordan and Lebanon. NGOs and aid agencies have estimated large numbers of women have been trafficked for sex and children have been exploited for labor. The International Center For Migration Policy Development found this to be the case as well. All of this is exacerbated by Europe’s Xenophobia about islam building walls, fences and border patrols to keep Syrians looking for safe refuge out. And if that doesn’t work, some Europeans will resort to public beatings, even a “Photo Journalist” will take part in trying to injure a Syrian man just trying to get himself and his child to safety.

If this is how human trafficking is being handled in most of the world, imagine how much worse it can get in the United States? They say there are sympathizers already here who quietly support ISIS and the Islamic State and young men are being enamored and ensnared by ideology that speaks to their manhood giving them rights over all women. Copycat is the name of the game, if they can’t get to Syria or Iraq they will set up camp here spurring a whole new level of human trafficking. It’s not ridiculous to assume this, after all we are a global world getting closer and closer to each other. As the refugee crisis grows so does the sex market and the men who buy it.

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