To Decriminalize Or Not To Decriminialize-That Is The Battle

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The latest issue right now in the world of human trafficking and prostitution is the decriminalization of men who buy sex and the women who say it’s a viable line of “work”. States are at odds when it comes to this type of legislation because they want to satisfy the masses, be popular, get votes etc. Let’s get one thing straight, decriminalizing sex buyers while fueling demand is not a popularity contest, it’s a human rights issue. Women have and are being put on the shelf with goods and commodities that can be bought or sold at any amount for any man wanting to use her. Giving buyers all access to to the bodies of women and girls will not stop at those who say this is work for them. It will spill out into communities, teenage girls walking home from school will be taunted and harassed mostly by men who are old enough to be their fathers with the fear of rape. They will say it is our right to do what we want with any female in the streets because the law says so. To even think for a second that decriminalization will only be confined to those who buy sex is farcical at best.

The sex trade has many different moving parts and all of them work together to keep women and children in a subservient state to men. All prostitution, porn and sexual exploitation is designed to service the perverse fantasies of men. This is just another fantasy that will come true if decriminalization passes, the ability for men for to buy, force and rape women at their discretion because they can. This will be a very thinly veiled piece of legislation that will make all the other laws against human trafficking obsolete. Laws that were passed helping victims and survivors will no longer be applicable. It won’t stop there, the lines of sexual abuse, assault and rape will be blurred as well. Decriminalization will bring validity to it being a job but will then make it a career choice for all women while erasing real opportunities that will in turn only be given to men or women who they feel don’t fit the physical “mold” for the sex trade.

Have we not learned anything from countries like Germany and Amsterdam where very high volumes of trafficking, rape, violence and murder of women live? Legalizing prostitution and not adopting solutions like the Nordic Model has cost thousands upon thousands of women their lives, and there’s still more. Women in Germany are told to go look for work in the Red Light District because there is no other work for them at the present time. Is this what women in the United States want to be told when they are out looking for work? Is that what you’re fight for? If men get what they want all of those jobs that women used to hold will be gone. There will be no need for marriage or a family when men can get their needs satisfied without familial or marital responsibilities. This is not a small thing and it reaches into every area of people’s lives even into the most intimate places. There will be no turning back from decriminalization it will be the deciding factor if women live or die while disappearing from society all together.

Los Angeles. The porn capital created by the United States of America. Land of the free, home of the brave, enslavement of women. This country did this. America is responsible for putting women and girls all over the world in bondage, torture and slavery and now they want to put it in a pretty package and call it empowerment or choice. This country is failing the young women and taking away their ability to grow into their full potential to pursue careers that feed their passion-the sex industry is not one of them. If lawmakers want to do something good for women, go after the teen magazines that tell girls it’s better to be professional in oral sex than to go to school and do something you love. Sign into law legislation that protects them and gives better choices and options for girls who have no where else to turn to. Decriminalization is a certificate of death signed by people who have been conned into believing this is what’s best. I hope they can live with the increased physical, psychological and emotional damage they will have brought on to so many women who really want to get out.

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