Trump’s Sex Trafficking Of The Underprivileged Address (#STOU)

Samantha Inesta
Founder/Executive Director

Most people who weren’t thoroughly fed up with the impeachment process watched the State of the Union address (STOU) when current and undergoing impeachment, President Donald J. Trump spoke to the nation. He postured about how great the economy in America is, leaving out that not all Americans are benefiting from it, and how he has created a healthcare plan that will cover preexisting conditions. The democrats that did show up did so by way of some representation and witness to the circus that it this current administration. Nancy Pelosi bit her tongue so hard it’s surprising that blood didn’t drip over her lipstick. But she had her say at the end when she publicly ripped up the speech that President Trump (who didn’t write by the way) read a loud wearing his pride for all to see.

So many promises, so many honors and a whole lot of patting on the back. Everything that was said that night was all important, relevant and worthy of attention-then there was other stuff. Rush Limbaugh was given a medal of freedom award, yep you heard that right no need to adjust your screen. This man spewed misogynistic, racist rhetoric and was dubbed “The most dangerous man in America.” To give a man with such an insidious character a medal of freedom is beyond comprehension. But this is Trump’s America, predators, bigots, misogynists and murders are given medals of honor and freedom. I guess he’s taking care of his own. All of it overlooked as if it’s the new normal and well he’s got lung cancer let’s give him something to feel good. Cancer takes the lives of many Americans, children lose parents and parents lose children, no one gets a medal for that. It was all smoke and mirrors so Trump could give one of his racist buddies a “shout out.” But then he began to speak about another thing he created but was really started by President Barak Obama, The Human Trafficking Task Force.

In addressing this issue the president’s focus seemed to be more about immigration and human trafficking-nothing about the countless women and girls in America (mostly of color) who are trafficked everyday. It was almost as if he was trying to make the point that all trafficking comes from across the border and none from inside our borders. Also something else worthy to point out, Obama’s task force had actual survivors on it, Trump has his daughter Ivanka and some random staff trying to create legislation for something they don’t seem too well versed in. He claims that because she’s heading up this task force she has created 15 million jobs. Hundreds of us work doing the same thing and most of our staff are volunteers, this isn’t something you do to “create” jobs. So much was missing from the human trafficking piece like, children are coerced into forced prostitution between the ages of 9 and 12. Child pornography is on the rise and rape has become a crisis in many institutions. The fact that 16 states declared porn a public health crisis include Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and Virginia and they are looking to add 15 more states. It has been proven time and time again that the Porn industry has contributed or outright takes part in sex trafficking of mostly underprivileged girls as well as underaged.

This all seemed so unsympathetic and insincere coming from a president who has photos of himself at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansions where groups of underage girls were forced to have sex with men 3 times their age. I find it hard to stomach when men who have done despicable things especially to women and girls get a pass by a president who claims to want to eradicate human trafficking. The reality is most of these girls are either underprivileged, girls of color or both. To not even address the issue with facts and statistics just makes it that more non transparent. Survivors have been watching the impeachment trials and they definitely have watched the STOU and I’m sure they have a lot of questions that will probably never get answered. One question that is begging to be asked is when cutting the food stamp program you are hurting survivors who rely on it, how will you fix it? And the answer will be…….crickets. I’m also positive that Ivanka and her staff knows nothing about the Nordic Model or the Equality Model which seeks to end the demand for women and girls in prostitution while providing services as they exit. Saying you are going to eradicate human trafficking, tie it to immigration and something that is imported into America through “Illegal Aliens”, as Trump calls them, is not a solution.

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