Visible Or Invisible

Everyone is out there trying to do something for the greater good-whatever that looks like for them. For me it’s helping survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence, exploitation and abuse in as many countries as possible become self sustainable to be independent and stay that way. In order for people to know your working you need to be “Visible” because if you’re not, no one will know who you are and therefore will not support or engage with you. If there is no visability then you will be invisable which will not help your work at all. So, how does one become visible? Well, if you are lucky enough to have a circle of wealth and strong influence in social media or just media in general you will become visable very quickly. If not, there’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Likedin-the poor woman’s social media sphere that needs to be monitored day & night and really, who has time for that?
The days you have you’re wearing your social media hat you’re inundated with sponsored ads of growing your business and what you can do to make a profit BUT you’re NON profit. Well that’s okay because it works for that too. Really? For a hefty sum of money a so-called non profit “Guru” will help you get the biggest donors you’ve ever had, fix your website and increase your social media presence that will  launch you into a six figure position in your own non profit. Because you know, that’s the reason why people do this work, to make six figures. They lure you in with some innocent questions about your non profit and what you can do to make it successful. You think you’re going through a tutorial when in fact it’s a sales pitch from some entrepenuer whose looking to make six figures himself-from you. After you realize what’s happening you continue to stay invisible.
Then desperation sets in. You talk yourself into getting involved in these high powered networking groups that promise you all kinds of media attention and visibility with loads of female support, but you must be a member. You get your VIP membership because that is apparently the ONLY way people will know who you are. You’re lumped in with women who already have pretty successful businesses and are not interested in collaboration with someone who is launching a non profit. Then you find you’re the only non profit in a sea of for profit business owners but still promise they can do something for you.
They set you up with media packages that costs thousands of dollars every few months. Your name will be in books along with your picture and profile, your website will be first on all search engines visible to everyone, unfortunately though that’s where the problems start. Different media companies begin to contact you claiming that they are all part of the same networking group you belong to, well there not and the first network never tells you to look out for these people so you dive in. More money is taken and more promises are made and the sleazy side of media reveals it’s ugly head.
Radio show hosts contact you  because they just have to have you on their show but you better be prepared to dip into your savings. When all is said and done, you feel used and angry with nothing to show for it but some usless plaques and books with your name in them. You feel stupid, but you shouldn’t. When you try to become visible for the greater good there are A LOT of  people out there to take advantage of you. All you wanted was to be able to let the right people know what you’re doing so that the right support can come your way but all that has happened was you were taken advantage of in your moment of desperation. It’s not your fault, you just wanted to go from invisible to visible.
The best way to become visible is to let the work speak for itself. It will take more time than those who get visibility faster but it will be worth it because people will see your passion in what you do and they will see the results in your work. Of course there is some fundraising that must be done, the least favorite thing to do but at least you have control over who you network with and what they are all about. And most importantly it will keep you safe from the vipers and snakes that are waiting at the door to bleed you dry. Being invisible may be frustrating but it’s better than being a target for people who are only out for the greater good of themselves.

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