White Women vs. The Rest Of Us

Samantha Inesta
Human Rights Fellow
Founder/Executive Director

We are a country divided. We are a people divided. We are also divided within our gender meaning women, based on skin color and race, are not walking in strength and support while white women are siding with a racist and nationalist ideology that they feel they have privilege in. Four brave and strong congresswomen of color spoke out against unprovoked racist attacks by President Trump and these female soldiers of the far right army came to his defense and supported comments that do not reflect the values most of Americans. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley all Democratic Congresswomen serving the United States where once again the target of a administration that is adamantly trying to turn back the clock to oppression of women, segregation and whites only establishments.

There is something very unsettling that is happening here. It all started with our elections being tampered with by a white foreign entity that supports the white nationalist movement and obviously partnered up with the American version and has now become the disease that is spreading with no end in sight. Women have always been used for the sake of a male agenda regarding corruption, violence and in this case racism and fear. White women are given a false hope that they actually share in the same privilege that their male counterparts do. When Mike Pence and his band of MAGA supporters stated that they needed to keep their white women safe from these brown men that have come to rape and murder them, I’m sure their hearts skipped a beat with joy. Separating women by color and race is serving the Republican party, those who are white, in way that they feel legitimizes their strategy of taking over the whole country for themselves. Even with all this there is still push back for an America that is all-inclusive a place where you can come from anywhere and live freely. All of this has been under attack for quite some time now.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley toured the camps where migrant women were being held and saw the horrors that were being done to them. They spoke out against it and was met with pornographic images that where dehumanizing along with racist rantings. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib both call the United States home and began doing what most congress people who see issues that need to be fixed do, start speaking out in order to make change. They were basically called terrorists and if they don’t like this country to get out out. If everyone took that comment literally, there would hardly be anyone left here. True Story. Having grown tired of the constant battle, White Republican men decided to fight back with White Republican women who have been groomed to carry the flag of oppression, persecution, racism and sexual assault against all women who are not white and American. They mass together and become focus groups for big media like CNN and are asked questions like “Do you feel the comments made by President Trump against four congresswomen of color were racists?” and of course the answer was a defiant “No.” Which is very interesting considering the man they worship and love considers CNN to be fake news. Did they forget about Jim Acosta?

This is nothing new. Women have always been scapegoats for regimes that are authoritarian and ruled by dictatorship. They’re given false hope and promises, being put on a higher pedestal than other women, being told they are worth more because they are lighter skinned or part of an elite caste. This type of mentality makes it easier for some women to oppress others because they truly believe they are better and worthy of more. This is also they same tactic traffickers use to coerce some women into recruiting girls for the global sex trade. This is the reason why we are now seeing women’s human rights issues take on a different narrative while creating boundary lines of separation. We have white feminism and feminism for women who are not or don’t consider themselves to fall in the category of being “white”. We are divided in how we look at one another as well as how we perceive others who may not fit the mold that some women subscribe to. Not only is time being pushed back, so are our rights as women.

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