Why We’ve Lost All Credibility

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Throughout most of history America was always seen as the beacon of hope, a place for freedom and a fresh start. Boats filled with immigrants came to our shores full of people with hope for a bright future in this new land. For many decades the Unites States has seen many immigrants coming from many different lands to start over or start better. Most of the innovation, businesses and economy can be attributed to hard working people who risked everything and built something that generations to come will understand the struggle. In many countries abroad, coming to America was a dream for many but only realized by some. We were looked at as the land of opportunity, growth and big dreams.

There is a different story that has been written, one that says to the rest of the world you are not welcome. Lady Liberty’s lamp has been snuffed out for the poor, tired and huddled masses. It only burns for the highly educated, white and privileged from Western Europe. This day was a long time coming and now it’s here, the United States of America is closing it’s borders to immigrants and asylum seekers who are from undesirable countries that do not fit the new world order that has taken root. What are the characteristics of these people that are denied entry? For the most part dark skinned, considered unsavory and dangerous a threat to America and it’s economy and all the men are rapists, terrorists and human traffickers. By the way, you don’t have to be dark skinned and from another country to be any of those things but okay. I mean, we have all of that here and a lot of them are white-current administration included. So who pays the price? As always, women and children. The children are carrying the heaviest burden because of the systematic separating, detaining and jailing of minors coming across the border.

It all started in 2017 when migrants fleeing hostile and intolerable conditions in Central America decided to take the long journey to the United States. This was not something that they just decided to do one day just because hey wanted to see new places. This was out of desperation due to political unrest, drug cartels, gangs etc. Women fleeing domestic violence and abuse trying save themselves and their children from a violent husband and father. All seeking asylum and being turned away for reasons that are blatantly unconstitutional. Because the groups that became caravans, were so large and coming in so quickly coupled with the government not having the right resources or not getting the right ones to help these people, decided it was right to separate their children from them. That sent shockwaves through other countries who saw America as a human rights champion. The United States has had many stains on it in recent years but this stain may never wash out.

Fast forward to 2019 and what has been dubbed by many politicians and activists as “Concentration Camps” boasts hundreds of migrant children living in unsanitary and unsafe conditions with not even so much as a toothbrush or comfortable place to sleep. Basic necessities are not a concern to be taken seriously by this government for children who are being put through a nightmare on a daily basis. Older kids taking care of the younger ones while they are trying to process the trauma and duress they are under. Bad nutrition, mistreatment and sexual abuse is how the influx of migrant children is being handled. If you say that you feel for the children coming in then why are you torturing them? The gaslight response to the whole situation is stunning. Between Russia and our elections, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, trying to incite war with Iran, Saudi Arabia and it’s killing of journalists and human rights activists for which the US has a hand in protecting, and now these camps for migrant children, the world hates us. Our credibility is shot. There are actually people now that would not think of coming to America, not even to visit, because they don’t see it as a viable option for opportunity anymore.

We are the youngest country in the world, and now we’re in danger of going down in flames. We do not look much different than other regimes who are adhering to an ethnic cleansing policy with a political agenda in mind. We have come this far to be reviled and chided with people pointing fingers and criticizing. These young children will never forget what was done to them, the world will never forget what America the land of the free, home of the brave did to innocent children, migrants and anyone who does not fit the America first profile.

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