A Porn Saturated World

Everything you look at today has some sort of overtly pornographic connotation to it. I call it “The Head of The Octopus”, it has an arm in every industry that distorts what reality is. The industries that are affected are all forms of media (entertainment, movies, music, TV, fashion, etc.). These are things that are consumed on a daily basis therefore, porn is consumed on a daily basis knowingly and unknowingly. This will lead a consumer to wanting to know what porn really looks like by actually viewing it in it’s original state. The pornification of our media and the women and girls in our society is the catalyst that leads consumers, mostly men and boys, to watch pornography on a regular basis. This makes them addicted to it as well as viewing women and girls through a dark lens of violence and rape. It distorts, twists, and manipulates the mindsets of men and boys into treating women and girls as commodities, something to be used and then discarded.

The pornography and child pornography industry is a billion dollar business because our society has been desensitized to it and therefore buys into it in many ways. Sexual overtones pour out in children’s movies that are supposedly made by film companies that are ‘Family Oriented”, this causes a complacent attitude when a child is doing something that is completely inappropriate but is then overlooked because  they may have been imitating something that they saw in the latest Disney film or Pixar-take your pick. Children’s entertainment speaks to the adults that are bored but will find it entertaining when crude or sexualized behavior occurs. Music is no different. The Rap and Hip-Hop genre has made sure their target audience is children-no that’s not a mistake.

Mixing the innocence of a child with mature subjects of a sexual nature is a dangerous combination. This will give them the wrong idea about life and relationships and could very well send them into the trappings of a Pedeophile who will then introduce them to hard core pornography. Parents cannot afford to be complacent about this.

This is more than an addiction-it is a disease, infecting every part of our lives, consciously and unconsciously. The justifications that are being put upon this industry to make it “ok” to view are absolutely inaccurate and can’t be farther from the truth. Women and girls who are forced into this for a variety of reasons but mostly because they are being preyed upon, drugged, threatened, in pain and deeply depressed. Does that still sound “Sexy”? What you are viewing is a broken, depressed and intoxicated woman/girl being raped-repeatedly. This torture doesn’t stop when you’re finished watching, her nightmare continues and continues-and continues. All the jokes and scenarios that are playing out in movies, music videos, comedy etc. concerning the sexual oppression and dehumanization of women and girls are all coming out of the head of the octopus directly to your TV, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, iPad, Smart device, YouTube-the list goes on.

The question is, will you spread the disease or will you look for the cure?








Why Are Women and Girls Becoming The World’s Footstool?

In all walks of life women and girls are fighting for their identity and self worth, the right to just exist seems to be a feat that is becoming more and more unattainable. Well, everything is our fault, right? The collapse of the economy, poverty, abortion, rape, sexual violence, war, conflict,  and on and on. It may seem a little ridiculous to suggest this but, is it really? Let’s start with the collapse of the economy. So many women are cut out of badly needed services because when there are cuts it is  always to families where a single mom is the only parent. So here it comes: “If she didn’t get pregnant and rely on the government there would be no need for these services that drag the economy down.” Meanwhile no mention of the guy who got her pregnant and left her in that situation, and don’t assume she doesn’t have a job-she does, two and three of them but guess what? She still can’t make it. This ties into poverty, because a lot of women can’t get a job that will pay them a “Living” wage and are forced to rely on government subsidies that most male politicians claim is draining the economy oh, and their own pocket. The abortion debate has tied in women’s reproductive health as well as their overall health to turn them into murders. It’s pretty much damned of you do or damned if you don’t situation. I believe that most abortions do not occur because women are blood thirsty killers and any chance to take a life, they’ll do it even if it’s their own child. There are many factors that are in place, one is fear. How can a 15 year old take care of a child? What will her parents say? Her life is done. How can I have more children? We can’t afford the ones we already have.  Of course there are also medical reasons that come up but whatever decision she makes-it’s wrong.  But then if she does decide to have the child but cannot support  him/her and they end up being what’s called a “Burden on society” she’s practically crucified for having the child in the first place! She’s called a whore because SHE was not the one who took responsibility and let this happen-but of course, it takes 2 to tango right?

Rape, sexual violence, war and conflict. All of these are what women and girls go through all over the world, sometimes on a daily basis. Rape and sexual violence have always been the fault of the woman/Girl/Girl child. What she wears, how she looks, if she’s overly developed for her age. If a grown man is attracted to her and can’t help himself it’s her fault because she didn’t wear a potato sack when she went out that day (By the way, she would still be assaulted wearing a potato sack). Women who face their attackers are shamed-even by other women-she’s trying to get back at him for something and of course the ever popular, she wants his money. The woman that is raped by a Ball Player, Celebrity, or some high status individual is dragged through the mud with a chain around her neck. The biggest weapon of war is not a nuclear missile or a bio terror attack, it’s rape. The shame, humiliation, degradation and overall dehumanization of women and girls is a violation that keeps on violating. It is believed that by raping the women and girls they are bringing shame to the men, not so. When women and girls are raped in war and conflict they suffer ALL of the shame not only from their rapist but from their families, husbands and communities. Some are even killed because ultimately it’s their fault they were raped, they brought this shame on themselves and to the family.

Women and girls need to stop being the reason and the excuse for all that is wrong with the world. We can actually be the solution. But we need to be unified in every sense and accept each other for who we are. I know it’s hard for some people to wrap their head around it but women and girls are smart, creative, strong, and can contribute in amazing ways to this world. Isn’t it time the world scraps this scapegoat?





Egyptian Style

Recently I was blessed to go to Egypt, a place that I have longed to go to ever since I was a little girl. It truly was everything I felt it would be except for one thing-the value or devalue of women. Of course there is the unimaginable beauty of Egypt with it’s breathe taking views of the Nile River from Cairo to Luxor, the Pyramids in Giza, Karnak and Luxor Temples that boast the resting places of the Pharoh’s of Ancient Egypt. Continue reading