BeaSister2aSister provides free services for survivors, funded by our partners. We appreciate your generosity and partnership with us! We are continually expanding our organization and hope to add more services in the future, helping as many survivors as we can, one at a time.

We currently offer the following services:

  • Culinary Arts Program: Spring and Fall cooking and baking workshops prepare survivors to work in the food industry. This is a 6 day program with a certificate of completion for every participant attending all classes. After they complete the program, we help them with résumé writing, job applications and placement and attaining a Department of Health Food License. For more information & registration contact us at
  • The Round Table: Open discussions for women to engage in conversations with survivors during which they can feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their stories. It helps women think about the similarities that they may share with survivors. It enables them to identify the signs shown by someone being sexually exploited, and what women who are not from the United States go through when they are being trafficked. The Round Tables offer the opportunity to learn about other cultures’ traditions and break the awkward silence and stigma between women and survivors.
  • Accompaniment Program: We pair women of different backgrounds with women who have suffered physical abuse, domestic violence and sexual exploitation. They are each other’s sisters, the ones they were missing or never had in the first place. This program is designed for the sister to come alongside the survivor in support. It may be accompanying them to doctor’s appointments, filling out important paperwork, or going to the grocery store. Most of all this program is about being there for a survivor when she feels alone and afraid, so that she will know someone is in her corner and that she does not have to go through this transition alone.

Services for Foreign Born Women – Who wish to stay in the U.S.

  • Work with an immigration lawyer to help gain residency.
  • Access to education and job training
  • Access to temporary housing, public assistance, and medical care
  • Referrals provided for counseling and desired form of therapy
  • Assurance of anonymity and protection from the trafficker

Services for Foreign Born Women – Who wish to return home safely:

  • Connection with an immigration lawyer experienced in applying for the T-Visa allowing survivors to stay in the U.S. for the duration of their case
  • Access to temporary housing, public assistance, and medical care
  • Partnerships with proper authorities to make sure of a safe journey hone with no fear of retribution by the trafficker
  • Work with homeland security to secure a safe departure back to the home country

Services for Domestic Women:

  • Securing temporary shelter for young teen girls and those who are runaways
  • Accompaniment to meeting with relatives, at the survivor’s request
  • Connection of school-aged girls to local education and assistance as they reacclimate to school
  • Women are offered help to obtain assistance from city and state provisions, i.e. public assistance and food stamps
  • Access to education and job training.
  • Referrals for counseling services